14 July 2017

Hello out there!

I can't believe this blog still exists! I'm having the time of my life reading all the old entries and taking a nice stroll down memory lane!

I think it has been about two YEARS since I last posted on this blog so here's a recap of all that has gone on since the last one:

-We moved to a larger apartment in April 2016
-August 2016 we welcomed our second child, Baby Boy! (two little Aussie born kids, can you believe that?)
OMG My heart is melting looking at that sweet face! He'll be a year old in less than a month!

-We moved again in February 2017 as our landlords decided to sell the apartment we were living in (sad face! Really liked that one!)

So here we are working on our SEVENTH year here in Melbourne. Life here has become so familiar and routine that I haven't even thought to blog about it. Melbourne is no longer a foreign place to me. There are things I like about it, and things that I don't...just like my own hometown!

The kids being here does complicate this Aussie lifestyle, though. These kids are 100% American citizens, but they really have no idea what being American means. They know their grandparents mostly as images on the iPad when we have our monthly Facetime chats. Our daughter is getting to the age when we really have to start thinking seriously about where she is going to go to kindy. These issues really make us take a hard look at our living situation here and make a decision regarding the long term appropriateness of staying here with the children's' long term well being in mind.

Ah, such serious questions to ponder! When we landed here nearly seven years ago we were newlyweds excited to embark on an adventure. Now look at us being so...mature. Gah!

But I guess this is all part of the Expat Experience. We've gone a bit 'native' and we've kind of forgotten what life is like back in our home country. I haven't celebrated Halloween or Thanksgiving in so long that the thought of doing that stuff again is so strange! (but nice! I would love to take the kiddos our Trick-or-Treating).

I'll leave it at that for now. My writing skills seem to have suffered from the long days of child rearing. Oh well - they are worth it!

I'll try not to leaving the next blog post for another 2 years from now! I would really like to have this blog showcase our entire experience from beginning to end so I'll get to it.

Until next time in the near-future,