05 September 2015

The Blog is Back!

After a lengthy hiatus I have decided to resume my relationship with this blog. We are at a very different place in our expat journey and I think it would be a good idea to document it here and share it with the world.

It was strange reading my last post: I was getting ready for the birth of our daughter. At this moment we are getting ready for Baby Girl to turn two years old! Our lives have really changed over the past two years: I am a stay-at-home-mom and Hubs has really transformed into a family man. This all took time and considerable growing pains, but we have arrived at a comfortable place. Child rearing is hard work but we have found our groove. I have learned to not be so stressed out by my child and just go with the flow. I've had to do a lot of surrendering in my life by being a wife and a mother, which has at times been very uncomfortable. But I feel like the path that my life has taken has been more interesting and fulfilling than the life that I would have had if I had full control over everything. I've left my career behind (for now) and I am unsure what type of work will be waiting for me (if any) when I choose to re-enter the workforce. I'm not sure what kind of life awaits us back in the USA. It will all be very different.

As far as the expat experience goes, we are at a place where all the weirdness and novelty of Australia has faded away. We are pretty much used to things around here, although we do still struggle with developing close relationships with other people (either American friends move away, or the barriers to entry into a close Aussie relationship are just too high for us for whatever reason). 'Expat life' has transitioned to 'plain, old life.' We have been here for nearly five years at this point. The Big Deal now is that we are at a crossroads: become 'Aussie' (in spirit if not in fact) or go. Leaving this country behind scares me out of my whits. (Can you believe that? After all the homesickness and emotional pain I felt when I first got here?!?) But we do miss our friends and family back home. We miss being able to go to backyard bar-b-ques and seeing family on the holidays. We miss friends. As much as this country has made an indelible mark on my soul, I cannot deny that both Hubs and I have holes in our hearts where our loved ones are missing. If I was some sort of wizard and could make magic happen I would take all those people we love and transport them here! Then we could have both!

Over the past two years, our trips and explorations have slowed since we have a little one to care for. We did take a trip down to Tasmania last November, and we visited the Gold Coast in June. Not sure where we will head on our next trip but I suspect we will head to New Zealand for a third time. Can't get enough of that place.

I'm not entirely sure what I will document here on the blog. As we find out our fate in the months to come I'm sure I will have a lot of thoughts and feelings. And then the dreaded repatriation process! (I've heard it's worse than the initial homesickness of moving overseas - ugh!). Whatever it is that comes up I'll document it here. It's (probably) the last time I go through this whole process so keeping a record of all the things is appealing to me. If any Internet Citizen happens upon this blog and gains some wisdom from it as well, that is an added bonus!

Until next time...cheers, mates!