23 May 2013

Welcome Back, Kotter!

Well, hello there, strangers!

I know, I know - I have been the stranger to my own blog! Many apologies, readers. Life has been...interesting for the past few months. Work, life seems that somewhere along the way our lives morphed from the "Expat Experience" to just being the human experience. I can't speak for Mr. TexStralian, but I feel like the adventurous, exploration phase of our life in Melbourne has come to an end and we are now in a period of settling and getting back to a normal/pre-move life. How long this 'normal' will last is anyone's guess, but it is temporary as we will be moving back to the US at some point (or moving somewhere else to begin the whole process again - this has not been revealed to me and if it is to be revealed, probably wouldn't be until a month before the expected move date. Such is the way of things!)

Right now I am in Mexico visiting my parents (and my North American tour also includes a stop in Chicago to visit the in-laws, and a stop in Houston to see my big sister get married). It is good to have a break from Australia and to re-connect with my family. It has been 18 months since my last trip home and that is way too long. I would say at least a yearly trip back to the Motherland is necessary to maintain sanity and to have a break from being an "outsider". Living away from America has given me a great perspective and I am so thankful for the experience, but I do get to the point of having expat fatigue. I just need to be in familiar surroundings for a bit of a recharge.

Anyway, since the end of November, things have been pretty busy/stressful. I haven't had many urges to write on the blog (even though we did take another trip to New Zealand, and have a few visitors that we had some great times with). I want to return to the blog, though. I'm not sure that this blog will focus on the all the weird, new things we find in Australia and vacations etc., as we have been in Oz for nearly 2 and a half years now. The blog will have to evolve as our experience here evolves.

We have some big things coming up. Well, one big thing that will change everything. I haven't really announced it on the Internets yet, but maybe you can guess? (look at the new wallpaper!) Matt and I are both a little slow to adapt to change so we are still getting used to the idea of being parents. We both wanted this to happen... but the speed with which our wish for a child was granted was a little surprising ;-)

I'll be leaving work mid-August and I will not be returning for the foreseeable future. No doubt this blog will be a creative outlet for me. I really want to also start taking photos again so expect to see some practice shots on here again.

I'll try and post some shots from our last trip to New Zealand (that are over seven months old by now). I'll try to also do some more regular posting on what's happening in our lives because I know I have at least one faithful reader who deserves some new content (Hi, Kimberly!)

Until then, I bid you good day!



  1. Hello My Dear!!!!

    Love the shout out! Love the wallpaper! Love the post!


  2. Hi Laurie,
    I just stumbled across your blog today for the first time---sounds like we have been living in Australia for a similar amount of time (we arrived from in july 2010). Congrats on the changes ahead and hope all is going well with your pregnancy. I was just curious about which photography course that you took if you are willing to share---I have looked into several options but ended up taking a writing course at the CAE instead. I'd love to hone my photography skills. Cheers, Christie

  3. Hi Christie!

    I took the first semester offered at Photography Studies College on City Road. It is the first semester on the path to a full degree in photography so there are a lot of serious photography-minded people in the class. I was a bit out of my depth in terms of what everyone already knew and I struggled to keep up a lot, but overall I learned a lot and it was a great experience.