15 November 2012


Life has been very busy lately! One of the reasons is that I had my final photo portfolio due. The final product contains close to 70 images! It was a lot of work but I am quite happy with the progress I have made over the course of the class. I still have plenty more to learn, but considering I was afraid of my camera before the class started, I'd say I have come a long way.

Here are some of my favorites from the place, object, and concept categories.

I. Object

II. Place

III. Concept
My concept was called "Tracks". I took photos of the train and tram tracks in town. I decided I'd better keep things simple while I was just starting out ;-)

That's just a sample of the heaps of photos. I'd say the critique of my photos by the professor was mixed: my 'place' objects are strong while my objects are 'a bit dry' (yes, he actually said that!). When I look at my portfolio, I see all the effort I put into it. It's hard to separate myself from them and judge them objectively. It was an anxiety provoking experience having to present these to the photography class (especially since everyone seemed to be so much better at it than me!) and the creative process was challenging...very challenging. It was harder than the hardest classes I took in uni!

The jury is still out on whether I will continue with the next class. One part of me says I have a full time job and I need to be practical, but another part of me says that this is a beautiful art that enriches my life more than a paycheck ever could. What to do!?! I'll have a think on it.

Meanwhile, I can start taking photos purely for the love of it...maybe I'll even put some on this here blog! ;-)

I'll try to blog more often now. The weather is turning to summer and I couldn't be happier about that fact!!

Until next time,