06 September 2012


Man, life has gotten some kind of crazy lately. Between vacation, turning another year older, changing roles at work, and my photography work, sometimes I just want to call a time out and enjoy some couch time with a cup of Moccona coffee and skim milk.

My blog has not received the attention it deserves lately, but hopefully these periodic updates will diminish your thirst for TexStralians' tales just a little (cause I know you can't get enough!) :-p

Anyway...VACATION! It was much needed for my overworked husband and me, the Current Reigning Champion of Multitasking.

We took a short trip to the center of Australia to visit Uluru (also know as Ayer's Rock). We also visited The Olgas, a neighboring rock formation, and King's Canyon.

I'll do three separate posts on each of these as I don't want to overload you with photos. With all the beauty of the desert landscape and its wonderful colors, it's hard NOT to take great photos (so I took heaps!)


As soon as I got off the plane at the tiny airport, I knew it was the right place for us to be: WARM, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky! The warmth and the sunshine in and of themselves would have made this trip ("You had me at 'hello'!")

Uluru is a pretty big rock formation. It took us about three hours to walk around the base and stopping to see some interesting features.

View from the Cultural Center

Here's a shot detailing the texture of Uluru
Here's a shot detailing my charming husband. So difficult to photograph. Seriously, why won't he just play along and pose already?!?
Here I am showing Matt how to pose and smile in a photograph. Also: some desert flowers.
The desert becomes really colorful at dusk.

Sounds of Silence dinner: we had a lovely dinner under the stars in the desert. It was pricey but it was worth it!
Other Interesting Points:
  • You CAN climb the Uluru but the Indigenous people believe the rock to be sacred and really don't like people climbing it. So we didn't climb it (although I think both of us really wanted to)
  • As you can see from the photo above, the dirt in the desert is really RED! In fact, this part of Australia is called "The Red Center".
  • We had some challenges finding some affordable food options on this trip. The resort is in the middle of the damn desert with the nearest major city a three hour drive away. No fast food or anything - just overpriced resort restaurants! We actually ended up eating a few meals at a place where you buy raw meat and cooked it yourself on barbecues. It seems a little off that I have to pay restaurant prices to cook my own food!
Apparently chicken takes longer to cook than steak.
I'll be doing more posts discussing The Olgas and our King's Canyon experience in the not-too-distant future so stay tuned, folks!

Thanks for visiting!