20 May 2012

Aussie Music: Empire of the Sun

Today I am featuring the Australian duo Empire of the Sun.

I came across Empire of the Sun a few years ago while surfing the Internet. I was instantly intrigued by this group's sound and their look.

Many people compare them to the band MGMT. While both bands do groove on the fantasy/LSD trip vibe, I find Empire of the Sun to have a more polished electronic, ethereal sound while MGMT is more rockin'-60's psychedelic funk. I like both bands and I don't think it is fair to compare them (and I don't think that Empire is a rip off of MGMT).

If that didn't make a lick of sense to you, I apologize...but I have had that opinion for some time and it felt good to express it!

The two guys that make up Empire of the Sun, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, both have had successful music careers before they collaborated on this project: Luke Steele is the front man for the alternative rock group The Sleepy Jackson, while Littlemore is part of an electronic group called Pnau.

What strikes me about this band are their costumes and their videos which feature bright, vibrant colors. Luke Steele, the vocalist, plays the part of the "Emperor" with Littlemore being his loyal subject. Their videos are kind of trippy. But, like I said, they are colorful so quite enjoyable to watch!

I'm posting two of my favorite Empire of the Sun songs on here for you to enjoy: "Walking on a Dream" and "We are the People." If you have time, find some of their other videos on You Tube - they are so trippy!



13 May 2012

Aussie Music: Architecture in Helsinki

I was first introduced to Architecture in Helsinki a few years back by my husband who used to play them on the college radio station where he was a volunteer DJ for many years. Honestly, I thought they were kind of silly! I just wasn't ready for them because now I think they are The Cat's Pyjamas!

This band began in New South Wales and later moved to Fitzroy, a rather alternative/hipster suburb of Melbourne. (It's a groovy place - I've been there!) Indeed, the band members are not only musicians but artists with some having studied photography and ceramics.

They have released five albums to date since 2000. I would describe their sound of synth-pop...there is definitely an 80's vibe to their music.

The video below is for a song called "Contact High". It has not only the 80's sound but an 80's design. The man featured in the video looks like he is straight out of Miami Vice!

While this band might be an unknown in the musical mainstream in the US, I heard this song playing in David Jones, which is an Australian department store equivalent to Macy's or Dillard's. I am beginning to suspect that the Aussies are a lot more open minded when it comes to independent music. Matt and I have been surprised when Australian coworkers and friends are aware of and even are fans of some of the music that we like that would be considered obscure in the States.

I quite like this song and I am lucky that Matt already has most of this band's albums in his music collection. Time to go back and listen to the old stuff!

A in H has toured extensively throughout Australia, the US, and the UK. They played most recently in Australia as part of The Big Day Out music festival tour which hit several major cities including Melbourne...too bad I missed them!

There are so many other Australian artists out there that keep coming into my head! At least I have a good source of future blog material! ;-)

Keep Jamming,

05 May 2012

Aussie Music: Gotye

I don't feel like I can discuss Aussie music at the moment without mentioning Gotye (pronounced Got-tyee-aye).

This sound started being played on Rage, our favorite Australian video show, around this time last year. It is probably the best break up song I have ever heard. It's striking, haunting, and unique. I think anyone who has gone through a break up can relate to this song. Plus, Kimbra's voice is awesome!

This song got so much air time this time last year and was even Triple J's number one on their 2011 Hot 100 List. Apparently, it's now blowing up overseas in the US so the heavy rotation in the air waves begins all over again!

That's okay. It's a good song and fun to sing along with.

Listen, look, love: Gotye. If you haven't yet, expect to hear this song on a radio near you soon!

Australian Music Represent!

Keep on Jammin',