28 April 2012

Aussie Music

I hope that this blog reflects some of my personality and interests. One thing that Matt and I both hold near and dear is music. In fact, during our wedding, it may or may not have been mentioned during the ceremony that my knowledge of song lyrics was a big selling point on me becoming Mrs. Tenny!

In Houston, Matt and I spent much of our courtship attending concerts - mostly of independent artists and the occasional music festival (Austin City Limits! We went together every year we were together until we moved to Australia).

Anyway, given that Matt and I (THE TexStralians) love music so much, I have decided that I will feature some Australian artists on this blog. Some of these artists don't really get a lot of attention outside of Australia (yet) and some are international sensations.

I have to admit, at the moment, I'm not terribly familiar with the Melbourne music scene or Australian music for that matter. But this country has a rich history of popular music and Melbourne's vibrant music scene produces a lot of acts that go on to gain national and or international notoriety. Here goes nothing! We will discover Australian music together.

My first featured artist is Gypsy & The Cat. This group is comprised of two former DJ's from Melbourne. They released their first album in 2010 on the Sony label and this song was a hit off that album. Second album to be released in 2012 on an independent label.

Give a listen to Gypsy & The Cat:

It has a rather dreamy feel. I really dig this song!

Keep Jamming!

23 April 2012

Pretty leaves, rainbows, and things

Here are some photos I took this week. Enjoy!

Arts Centre Spire

Palm trees along the Yarra River

View down St. Kilda road with the Shrine of Remembrance in the distance

I thought Wringling Brothers was the Greatest?!?

Autumn is here! The trees are changing colors and losing their leaves.

Our apartment provides great viewing for fall rainbows!

Just a few shots of the everyday goings-on in my life.

Until next time,

15 April 2012

Great Ocean Road and Otway Fly

The long Easter weekEND (as the Aussies inflect) is a big time to take a trip somewhere. Unlike the US, Easter is a pretty big holiday with Good Friday and Easter Monday being public holidays. (Matt and I also got Tuesday off which is a standard day off at the company we work for). Many Aussies like to go camping.

Although we didn't go camping, I decided another car day trip was in order! Neither Matt nor I have been back to the Great Ocean Road since our first trip together several years ago. I thought it was time to refresh our memories!

Matt and me at the Twelve Apostles, June 2007
Back to the present...the GOR is still gorgeous!

We drove along the coast from Torquay, through Lorne, and Apollo Bay. A little past Apollo Bay and some really pretty rain forest, we turned inland and headed for the Otway Fly Park. It is a little bit touristy but still fun!

The rain forest park is equipped with platforms so you can get a tree top perspective of the forest. Suspended about 25 meters above the forest floor, the Fly is an engineering feat constructed of steel. It's not for those afraid of heights as the whole thing sways quite a bit!

Ascending to the tree tops

View of the walkways

You can climb the Tower of Death (a nickname I gave it) for an even higher view. I felt a bit of vertigo at the top as this thing swayed even more that the walkways. Didn't spend too much time at the top!

View from the tower down to the walk way and the forest below

I found that the most striking feature of this rain forest were the gigantic ferns that grew everywhere. They are awesome!

After an hour or so walking through the forest, it was time to head back to Melbourne. We chose a more direct, inland route back to the city. I enjoyed seeing some small towns and plenty of pastoral scenes. There was also a really beautiful sunset that turned the clouds red!

Hope your Easter was marvelous! We ate plenty of chocolate and felt great being in nature.

Until next time,

10 April 2012

Snapshots of Life

I'm trying to make a habit out of taking my camera with me everywhere I go to capture "Snapshots of Life". My life. Check it!

Here are Australia's version of Saltine crackers: Saladas. (Shhh! Don't tell anyone but I like these better than Saltines! Shocking!)

Chocolate bunny army at the Lindt Chocolate Shoppe:

Here's the Southbank riverside on Good Friday. Beautiful weather, great day!

I spotted an interesting sign about the train station on Flinders street. One hundred years old!

This is the shot tower that is in the middle of Melbourne Central Mall. Back in the day, long steel rods were made here. The mall was built around the tower and it is the centerpiece of the mall. Pretty cool that they made an effort to preserve some of the city's history! It gives an otherwise soulless place ("The Mall") a bit of personality and beauty.

Shopping for tea at the Asian Grocery store:

We spent Easter weekend relaxing around the house and one day trip (post soon to come!). Winter blew in over the weekend and I'm afraid it is here to stay for the next six months. Time to start planning our trip to Northern Australia where its warm and sunny!

Thanks for reading!


More Aussie Lingo!

I still hear new Aussie slang from time to time. Some of the words seem completely unique to me and some sound like they could have been derived from English.

Doona: Comforter (bedding)
"It was so cold last night in Melbourne that I had to get up and put another doona on the bed for warmth"

Rugged Up: a state of being where one in clothed in warm clothing such as a heavy coat, scarf, and hat.
"As the temperature drops down below 10 degrees C, I have to be rugged up to stay warm outside."

Daggy: an adjective that describes someone or something that is sloppy or haggard in appearance; dirty; unattractive.
"This old daggy t-shirt is okay to wear around the house but I wouldn't dare wear it out in public!"
"After a workout, I rush home to shower and to throw my daggy gym gear in the wash."

Knackered: the state of being tired or exhausted
"I was completely knackered after working a 14 hour day at the office."

Chockers: derivative of the term "chock full"; busy; overly crowded
"We had to wait an hour to get a table for dinner as the new "It" restaurant was completely chockers."

Sweet As: (this is actually a Kiwi saying but I have heard Melbournians saying it as well): an adjective meaning that is equivalent to the slang "cool" or "awesome"
"Did you see Doug's new sweet as new sports car?"
*This term can also be used in more descriptive terms such as
Healthy As:
"Check out my healthy as lunch: beetroot, rocket, and feta salad."
High-Tech As:
"This high tech as Apple phone can prepare my breakfast in the morning"
(The "As" indicates that the adjective is in an extreme state e.g. Something is VERY sweet, VERY health, or VERY high-tech)

I hope that those entertained you. Try using some of these words in your place of residence and see the reaction that they get!

Until next time,