12 October 2011

Royal Melbourne Show

Matt and I went to the Royal Melbourne Show a few weekends ago. A "show" is the equivalent of a state or county fair in the US. Indeed, we saw lots of animals, enjoyed the carnival atmosphere, and ate lots of junk food!


Smiling Alpaca

Looks like he's saying, "Eewwwww..."

Someone dyed this poor dog green! Who would do such a thing?!?!

Kermit Explosion (I'm naming my band that if I ever have one. Dibs!!!)

An 8th grader made this. Man, I feel like a loser now...

Bake Off! These are yo-yo's, aka Melting Moments, my favoritest Aussie cookie to date.

Matt flabbergasted over so many fruitcakes in one place. Shocking!

The one thing that sets the Royal Melbourne show apart from any state fair in the US is SHOWBAGS! They started out back in the day as a free give-away for show goers containing samples of products of the show promoters. But these things have evolved into a kind of Easter basket - Halloween candy bag for kids containing everything from bite sized candies to toys to magazines. Oh yeah, and now you have to pay for these. They have become a big business at the show!

The crowd at the show is NUTS for these things! There was a huge curling line just to get in to the pavilion to shop for showbags. And once inside, the place was completely chockers (that's Aussie for "crowded").
Packed to the rafters inside the showbag pavilion

A typical showbag vendor stall

And yes, I did buy myself a showbag. But it was a boring adult showbag (and no, I don't mean porn when I say "Adult! Come on, now!). It was a Woman's Health Magazine showbag. For the low, low price of $23 I got a Woman's Health pink athletic bag, 4 issues of said magazine, a razor, a pink travel toiletry bag, Olay spf lotion, hand sanitizer, and a bunch of samples of shampoo and other ladies' type stuff. I bought it mainly for the experience. Who knows if I will ever use this stuff. I should have just gotten a showbag filled with candy! Bwah-ha-ha!

If you are ever in Melbourne in the spring, check out the Royal Melbourne Show!!