27 August 2011

Market Day

One of the things that I get to do in Melbourne that I never got to do at home is walk to the market every week.

We live in a part of the city called Southbank and it is about a mile to one of Melbourne's markets, The South Melbourne Market.

Since we don't have a car, I have to walk or take public transport. Since I feel the distance is not far enough to warrant the ram fare, I pack up my old lady shopping cart and I hit the streets for some old world market going.

Thankfully, the dreary winter weather is becoming less ubiquitous and we have actually seen some sunshine around here lately! It has made my weekly market walk so much more pleasant. Here are some pics I took along the way:

Spring has sprung: beautiful blossoms.

If you don't want to walk or to tram it, you can hire a bike at stations like this placed throughout the city.

Now that the weather is at it best, outdoor cafes like this will see more patrons enjoying some sunshine.

Busy traffic on Clarendon street in South Melbourne.

After dodging the traffic and the tempting offers of plenty of coffee shops along the way, I arrive at the South Melbourne  Market.

Many of the stalls are open air like this one.

Don't mind if I do!
View of the interior...kind of an unfinished warehouse feel with many little shops inside.
More produce stalls inside.
Spices, nuts, and grains.

Bakeries offer up some tasty baked goods. Look at those colorful macaroons!

I always make sure to allow myself enough time to enjoy a coffee and a sweet treat while I am doing my shopping.

In addition to the food stalls showed above, there are also plenty of fish mongers, poultry sellers, and meat stalls. There are also clothing vendors and general household goods for sale. It's quite a European feel. In fact, it was the European settlers in Melbourne that brought with them this open air market experience.

Other markets like this one exist in Melbourne. The largest and most famous market is Victoria Market (aka"Vic Market".) However, that one is a bit further and requires a tram trip to get to from where we live. I will have to take a trip out there to take some photos, though!

After I hit the market, I do stop off at the regular super market right across the street. It's pretty much the same as any supermarket that you would find in the States so I see no need to post pictures of that.

In general, I find the produce and meats in Australia to be of a higher quality and better taste than what I experienced in the US. That being said, our food bill is about double the cost of what it was back in the States. We definitely cook at home more and eat a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables. They just taste better. Right now, I can't get enough mandarins (oranges that are about a third of the size of an average orange). I bought about 10 yesterday and I have already eaten three of them! I may have to stop off for some more mid week.

I hope you have enjoyed a sample of my daily life here in Australia.

Thank you for reading!


25 August 2011

Random Photos

Dark Chocolate Mint Tim Tams: like a thin mint only better!

Colorful birds are everywhere here in Australia

Feeding the wild life

Matt and Me at the company social ball

Dancing on stage at the social ball