11 July 2011

Cravings for Home: Dairy Queen!!

The cravings that I get from out of nowhere for the food back home is really amusing to me. Random images of food I didn't eat that often will pop in my head. There is no way to satisfy the craving short of hopping on a plane bound for Houston so I become slightly preoccupied with said craving.

Lately, I have been craving ice cream confectioneries from Dairy Queen.

I didn't eat DQ treats that often when I lived in Houston. I think I indulged maybe once or twice per year.

But my DQ craving has been full on lately! Maybe because there is nothing like it here in Melbourne.

Dipped ice cream cones from Dairy Queen

These are examples of the cones from DQ. Chocolate dipped is by far the most popular. But strawberry dipped and butterscotch dipped are also available. I have been daydreaming about all three flavors lately.

Another favorite is the Dilly Bar. It is basically the same treat but with a wooden stick instead of a cone. It has quite a distinctive shape. These were my favorite as a child.

DQ Dilly Bar

Lastly, the Dairy Queen Blizzard. The Oreo Cookie Blizzard has a special place in my heart.

DQ Blizzards
 God, just looking at those treats is making my mouth water!

 Missing the food from home is part of the living overseas experience. There's something romantic about pining away for the things that I took for granted living in The States. By living here in Melbourne, I learn to love my home more.
I also think that Dairy Queen is a bit of a Texas symbol. Dairy Queens are like the community centers of small towns in Texas. As they say, you are not a town unless you have a Dairy Queen!

 Besides all the sweet treats on offer, Dairy Queen also serves up Texas style fast food: huge hamburgers and chicken finger baskets with white gravy for dipping. White gravy is so Southern...I am missing me some Southern, stick-to-your arteries cooking right about now!

 I'm a bit of a health nut so DQ meals were not on my daily menu. But on road trips through the Texas country side, DQ could always be counted on for some comfort food and a deliciously sinful dessert!

I pine for thee, Dairy Queen. We shall be reunited in time!

05 July 2011

4th July

Well, the 4th came and went as if it were just another day here in Oz. Not even our American cronies here in Melbourne made much of a big deal about it.

It's just as is currently about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the wind is blowing something awful, and the sun is obscured by a mile thick (or should I say 1.6 kilometer?) layer of clouds...there's no hint of the summer time festival that Independence Day is in the States. It's easy to forget about.

I see pictures of friends on Facebook hanging out in shorts in their backyards eating hamburgers and having cold beers. That experience feels like a million miles away at this point.

Our heaters are malfunctioning yet again in our's like the universe is making sure we get the Melbourne Winter Experience! I am hereby officially saying to the universe "Experience received! Now please send heat!"

To say we are waiting patiently for spring to arrive would be the understatement of the year: we are really eager to enjoy the beautiful Melbourne spring! I have not been here during spring before but I will have my camera at the ready as everything blooms and all the little Oz critters come out again!

Take care friends,