23 June 2011

More Aussie Sayings!!

After the last post, I have been slapping forehead because there are a lot of Aussie slang terms that I know that I forgot to include - and they are good ones, too!

So, without further ado, here they are:

Ta: Thank you (used in a very casual manner)
Example 1: (a cashier hands you your change) "Cheers, ta."
Example 2: (A coworker hands you a file) "Ta."

Chook: chicken
Example: "I think I am in the mood for some roasted chook for dinner."

Cuppa: cup of tea
Example: "I love to wake up early to read the paper and have a cuppa."

Full Stop: period (as in punctuation or to emphasize the finality of a point)
Example: "Chocolate is the best food on the planet, full stop."

Manchester: bed linens, towels, and the like (used because Manchester, England is well known for its textiles)
Example: "I found a great deal on these towels at Myer in the Manchester department."

POM: a person from England (an acronym meaning "Prisoner of Her Majesty)
Example: "All the POM's were super excited about the wedding between Wills and Kate."

Jumper: sweater or sweatshirt
Example: "It's cold in here. I think I will pull on my jumper to warm up."

I can't believe how many new words there are! I know there are still some I am not thinking of.

More to come as I learn them.

Cheers mates,

15 June 2011

Language Assimilation

Some friends have pointed out that certain Aussie slang words have been creeping into my vocabulary.

I say: bring it on! I have a very un-elegant American accent so the least I can do is adopt some the the terms that the Aussies use.

Here is a list of some of the words that have come up so far:

Arvo = afternoon.
Example: "Let's reschedule the planning meeting for Thursday arvo."

Brekkie = breakfast
Example: "I love meeting my friends for brekkie at St. Ali in South Melbourne on Saturday mornings."

Crook = ill
Example: "That day old pizza has got me feeling crook."

Snags = sausages (this one comes from Matt...I haven't heard this one yet)
Example: "I'm hungry - let's have some snags for supper."

Sanga = sandwich
Example: "I love a turkey sanga with Swiss cheese and some cranberry sauce."

Ute = utility vehicle a la car-truck hybrid (see image below)
Example: "Wow! That bloke looks great driving around in his new ute!"

Hoon = reckless driver. Also, the act of recklessly driving
Example 1: "That guy is a total hoon speeding down the expressway!"
Example 2: "Those motor bike drivers are endangering other drivers as they hoon around."

That's all for now but I will keep adding as I discover them!


13 June 2011

Queen's Birthday Get-Away

This past weekend was a holiday weekend here in Victoria: Monday is the day to celebrate the Queen's Birthday. I told Matt I really wanted to get out of the city for a bit so we booked a day tour that went into the Yarra Valley.

We boarded the bus and headed north to the Dandenong Mountain range. Our first stop was a national park. There were plenty of birds around including some really colorful parrots and some cockatoos (which are very noisy critters, by the way!) I bought some approved bird seed and made some new friends.

Kookaburra in the center of the photo - I did not get to feed one of these.
Next stop on the tour was the Puffing Billy steam train. It is a narrow gauge line that was in service until a land slide forced the Victorian government to shut it down in the 1950's. An army of volunteers decided to restore the line and use it as a tourist attraction.

The cars are open air and the weather was quite chilly so it made for a very brisk ride! We did not ride the entire length of the line; we went two stops and disembarked. After feeling the cold mountain air for several miles, I had had plenty of train time.

Our destination: Menzies Creek
After our ride on Puffing Billy, it was time for lunch at Fergusson Winery in the Yarra Valley.

Since June 1st is the official start of winter in Australia, the growing season is long over. The tour guide told us that the vineyards are about to start pruning back their grape vines. I liked the shot above with the fall foliage colors.

Shot of the wedding chapel with the mountain in the background.

Matt took this pic of a very nice yellow rose, thank you.
After lunch, we were dropped off at the Healesville Animal Sanctuary.
This koala was awake - these guys sleep for 20+ hours a day.
This roo is pretty tall standing on its hind legs.

Dingos...they look like dogs with fluffy tails to me.
We actually saw a lot more animals than are pictured here. A lot of them are nocturnal so their exhibits are in dimly lit buildings. Saw a lot of hopping little critters - they were so cute!!

Also saw a platypus! Several actually. They were all swimming around, eating awesome! The platypi where the highlight of my tour of the sanctuary. They are a lot smaller than I thought they would be.

Also not pictured: wombats. Those lazy suckers where fast asleep when we got to their enclosure. The tour guide even rattled his keys in an attempt to rouse them. No luck. I really want to see an awake wombat before I leave this country.

All in all, it was a great trip. It was a taste of the beauty of the Yarra Valley and the Dandenong Mountains. I can't wait to go back soon!