08 May 2011

Sunday Morning Photos

These are from last Sunday morning but I think they are pretty cool...

Street art on the alley across from our brekkie place.
Center piece in the middle of a communal table.

Breakfast/coffee shop in a converted warehouse. Pretty cool!
I'm making it my goal to take more dining out photos...Melbourne has quite a few really cool haunts.


Melbourne Zoo

During the Easter Holiday, Matt and I made a trip out to the Melbourne Zoo to visit our furry friends. There was much to see! Let's get to the pics straightaway!

The Australian Bear. Just kidding! Think it's a brown bear from North America. I told Matt, this is the closest I ever want to be to a bear.
Lion at feeding time. We heard some roaring!
The platypus was asleep when we went into the platypus house (apparently they are nocturnal) so I made Matt pose with the statue outside. I didn't realize how small platypi are!


Some sculpture in the "Outback" area of the zoo.

Lazy wombats


Gorillas in the haze...

Otters hangin' out
So that was the trip to the zoo. Always fun seeing animals. Our next trip will be to Phillip Island to see the penguins!

05 May 2011

Lost in Translation

Now that I am a working girl, I am interacting a lot more with Aussies (which is a wonderful thing!)

I am struck by how much my coworkers struggle to understand my accent! Are we not speaking the same language? I think the appropriate answer is: sometimes.

I think I may have to alter some of my speech patterns and phrases in order to accommodate effective communication. I have taken for granted how much of my own verbal communication is slang and regional phrases. I might even have to lose my slight trace of Texan draw (gasp!)

I do sometimes have to use context to figure out what my Aussie coworkers are saying to me. This morning, my boss came in to my office to tell me that a coworker wouldn't be in to the office because both her kids were "chok" (rhymes with chalk) correction: "crook" . I am assuming that means "ill". I didn't ask...but it seems like the most logical conclusion.

Some of the Aussie slang is so great. I had a meeting with a fitness consultant when I first joined my gym, I told him about my eating habits. He said to me, "I think that is shithouse!" I couldn't help but laugh! I was aware of this term before but it is so novel and cute to me! I think the consultant was a little disappointed that he didn't get the right response out of me (I sure it was meant to be a serious comment) but I couldn't help it - it just tickled me!

That is all for now. Zoo pics forthcoming!!