12 April 2011

Happy Footy Season!

When I think of April, I think of April showers that bring May flowers (and May flowers bringing pilgrims - yuk! yuk!). Besides the fact that most Australians don't know about and/or don't care about the May Flower, April is FALL here. Read: the onset of winter! No wild flowers blooming in time for Easter, and no Memorial Day cookouts. This whole flipped season thing may be the biggest adjustment I will have to make living here.

I have had some very strange moments where I have had to stop and contemplate what I am saying to myself: I need something to get me through the winter months of June - August. Huh?

So, it's April and therefore fall...and fall means football! And not American football, either: FOOTY! (Australian Rules Football). Methinks this is my favorite sport for myriad reasons: it is fast paced, high scoring, and the young, muscular blokes who play it wear the cutest shorts and tank tops. Loving it!

Matt and I are barracking for the Essendon Bombers.

There are quite a few teams that we could have chosen (most of them from Melbourne). Matt chose this team based on the colors and the mascot. Good enough reasons for me having no ties to any team coming into it.

Here is a list of some of the other AFL teams:
  • Adelaide Crows
  • Brisbane Lions
  • Carlton Blues
  • Collingwood Magpies
  • Fremantle Dockers
  • Geelong Cats
  • Gold Coast Suns
  • Hawthorne Hawks
  • Melbourne Demons
  • North Melbourne Kangaroos
  • Port Adelaide Power
  • Richmond Tigers
  • St. Kilda
  • Sydney Swans
  • West Coast Eagles
  • Western Bulldogs
Actually, I think if I were to chose independently, I would have chosen either the magpies or the cats because I like the mascots. But I figure since Matt and I are loyal to different baseball teams back home, it seems nice to have a common team here in Melbourne.

We went to our first game this past Sunday night at Etihad Stadium (footy is also played at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds aka the "MCG").

I took some photos...but they aren't the greatest. We got tickets late so we were stuck with standing room only tickets. We have since purchased  memberships for the season so next time we will have actual seats!

Goal posts: inside the tall inner posts = 6 points. Outer posts = 1 point

View of the field

Running! Notice the shorts and socks combo.

Essendon in the red and black. St. Kilda in red, black, and white.

The official slams the ball down for the tip off (or whatever you call it) to begin play.

Matt and I enjoyed ourselves. In true Melbourne fashion, I stood in line at the espresso bar next to the concession stand and enjoyed a lovely latte whilst watching the third quarter action.

Fingers crossed that I can get some decent photos at the next game!

So there you have it, folks: AFL, a sport I actually like. But not to worry, I spent some time watching cricket on TV during the summer here and it does not hold a candle to American baseball. I still love you, Astros!

Until next time,