25 January 2011

Packing Begins

The packers have arrived and have made good progress downstairs. With any luck, they will have the whole house packed up by the end of the day today.

I have moved plenty of times in my life and I can't remember a time when I have had people actually pack my stuff for me. The verdict: total awesomeness. There are four of them here now wrapping and boxing. I think they can go so fast because they don't really care about what the stuff is - they just pack it. I, on the other hand, would have to question if I even really liked each item, the best way to wrap it, how to box it, etc. It's not a fun thing to do. But these guys are just machines. I guess practice makes it easier.

The rest of the day will be spent here in the house supervising the packing and tomorrow the trucks will be loaded up and off to their final destinations. WE are also being shipped by air to our final destination tomorrow night, although I hope our accommodations aboard our shipping vessel are a bit more comfortable than the shipping container that our stuff is traveling in (I won't hold my breathe!)

Fun times, people. Fun times.

Until next time,

19 January 2011

The House Slowly Empties

Matt and I have spent countless hours going through the house getting rid of stuff that we feel is not good enough to either store or ship.

Here's an abridged version of some of the things in the house we have bid farewell to:
  • Matt's couch from 1981
  • Matt's recliner from 1969 (victory is mine!)
  • Green baker's rack (Matt's victory)
  • Book shelf
  • Entertainment shelving unit
  • Three boxes of books
  • ~20 bags of clothes, sheets, blankets, and shoes
  • Housewares galore (Matt is happy to not be surrounded by quite as many of my candles anymore)
  • 2 place settings and a bunch of drinking glasses
  • Suitcase and a bunch of bags
  • Three floor lamps
There's more...but you get the point: it was a lot. The Salvation Army had to make two trips to get all of this crap. At least we have reduced our risk of being on that Hoarders show. It's a constant battle keeping stuff from taking over the house.

Right now we are trying to inventory all our worldly possessions and determine if they are going to be stored, shipped, or disposed of. So. Much. Fun. :-/

Farewell Party this Saturday!

15 January 2011


Last day at work = January 21st
Packing days = Jan 24th & 25th

Plane to Melbourne = Jan 25th in the PM after the movers are done with our stuff.

Fast and furious. We've got a little over a week to get everything done and to say our farewells to everyone. Eek!

The house will be put on the market after we are gone because it looks so much nicer inside without all our crappy stuff in it!

Apparently, we are signed up for driver's training a few days after we get in. I'm not sure this plan is such a good idea:

Driving on the wrong side of the road
+ My known history of craziness during sleep deprivation/jet lag
Probably a Bad Idea

Oh, well. I'm sure it will prove to be good writing material. :-)


11 January 2011

The Visas are here! The Visas are here!

After some questioning from the Australian immigration authorities about the nature of our relationship, our visas to live in Australia have been approved!

Immigration apparently was a little suspicious of us because we are newly married. They requested proof that our romantic involvment existed at least six months prior to us getting married. Just think: the Australian equivalent of a Green Card wedding! Ha! Who would have thunk it??

We had to provide them with a note from a family member, travel documents that showed us traveling together, and some contracts that we had both signed at least six months ago. Kind of funny, kind of annoying.

Now I am free to tell whoever will listen that we are moving. It makes this phase a bit more bearable because I don't have to spend all my energy pretending that the status quo will continue.

The plan now: packing starts two weeks from today and lasts for two days. We still need to purchase plane tickets...but I assume we would leave the day after the packers are done.

Still have a long list of things to do before then including handing over my job duties, selling my car, and saying goodbye to as many friends as possible.

I am going to try to maintain my sanity until then!!